Hello Tumblr! I’ve never made a post asking for money or help, but I really don’t have any more options. I made a gofundme to raise money to take my kitten to the vet. Please Reblog!!

Here’s what I posted on gofundme:

"For the past few months my mom has been feeding a stray cat, that I named Galaxy. Recently, Galaxy started to bring her kittens to eat as well. We noticed that one of the kittens had its eyes crusted shut. So we caught him, cleaned his eyes, fed him, and released him back with Galaxy and his two other siblings. We caught him and cleaned his eyes daily for 3 days, but noticed his eyes weren’t making much improvement. I named him Jeremy and decided last night to keep him indoors to try to keep his eyes clean and to make sure he eats.
In these few hours I’ve had him indoors I’ve discovered he has a severely broken tail, an eye infection that can potentially make him permanentally blind, and is also constipated - which could be because of his broken tail that could be damaging his nerves. I am asking for help to take this baby to the vet to determine exactly what is wrong. I have barely any money at all, any money I have and get will be put torwards taking him to get medical care. I am making the goal a rough estimate of $250 to cover his vet visits, medication he may need for his eyes, and medication to help him poo. He may also need to have his tail amputated due to the severety of his broken tail, so any extra money is greatly needed and appreciated.
*To clarify, I have not taken him to see a Vet yet, and am trying to get enough money to take him tomorrow morning. Because GoFundMe takes a few days to process and deposit the donations, I am also taking donations through PayPal so I can take Jeremy to the vet asap, then use the money from GoFundMe to cover his medications, procedures, etc. If you would like to donate via PayPal for his asap visit, please message me on here for the info. But if you prefer to donate through GoFundMe, I understand and am grateful. Thank you so much! <3
Thank you so much for reading. Please keep Jeremy in your prayers.”

Any donation is a huge help. If you can’t donate, please reblog! Thank you!

*Please send me a message to my ask here or on gofundme if you can donate through PayPal for his ASAP visit!!